Take your Reiki Practice to the next level

reiki australia next levelIf you are a Reiki Practitioner wishing to extend your practice, Reiki Australia has developed a course for people like you: Professional Development for Reiki Treatment.

Here at Reiki Australia, we recognise how important it is to support you with a best practice framework – including an understanding of your obligations under the National Code of Conduct for health care workers – so that wherever you practise Reiki, you can confidently take your place alongside other complementary and alternative practitioners.

Reiki Australia’s non-accredited certificate course, Professional Development for Reiki Treatment, is designed for Reiki practitioners who want to provide Reiki treatment to the public in a professional capacity, and addresses professional responsibilities that are common to all health care workers. Here you will learn what is required to create a safe and healing space for your clients.

The course is open to Reiki practitioners, including non-members of Reiki Australia, who have completed Reiki I and II and have, or are embarking on, a professional Reiki treatment practice.

The course units cover:

Unit 1: Codes of Ethics; Codes of Conduct

  • Understand the nature of personal and professional Reiki treatment practice
  • Comply with professional standards

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Unit 2: Effective Professional Relationships                               

  • Communicate effectively with clients and colleagues

Unit 3: Teamwork; Managing Conflict

  • Contribute to effective teamwork

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Unit 4: Records, Privacy and Referral

  • Ensure an understanding of client rights and the elements of informed consent

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Unit 5: Client and Workplace Safety

  • Implement WHS/OHS requirements

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Unit 6: Infection Control

  • Implement and maintain infection control practices

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These units are all designed for home study. Each unit will require a minimum of 12 hours over up to two months in study, including the completion of exercises and assignments. Completion of each unit will earn Reiki Australia members 10 CPD points. The number of units that you complete will be completely your choice.

Apart from Unit 1, which must be completed first, units can be undertaken in any order. A statement of attainment will be provided after completing each unit, and a Certificate in Professional Development for Reiki Treatment awarded on completion of all six units.

Reiki Australia Practitioner members who complete Unit 1 will qualify (conditional on having insurance, current first aid and minimum practice requirements) for Reiki Australia’s Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner membership category, which represents excellence in Reiki treatment practice.

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If you would like more information, or you would like to apply for Professional Development for Reiki Treatment, please contact us on one of the links below