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How to Create Powerful Connections Despite the Distance

In 2020, many of us were separated from those we love by city, state or even country. We found ways to feel connected to each other despite the distance and Reiki is no exception. This month, we dive deep into Distance Reiki and how despite physical separation, we can still support the health and wellbeing of one another. 

Channeling our distant healing (or absentee healing) symbol, Distance Reiki allows practitioners to send healing energy across time and space. Giving us the ability to heal from afar, Distance Reiki embraces that we are all connected, despite any physical distance that is between us.

Distant Reiki can address any issues, much like our in-person practice. From overcoming negative experiences, mindset, trouble with sleeping or physical ailments, Distance Reiki has allowed anyone across the world to benefit from our healing abilities.

When performing a Distance Reiki session, some practitioners like to work with the recipient’s photo or healing object (such as crystals) where others choose to focus on sending the energy itself.

During a Distance Reiki session, the receiver should dedicate time prior to their session just for them. Creating a nurturing, comfortable and serene environment for their session is key. This includes switching off their devices, finding a comfortable place to lay and setting the intentions for their Distance Reiki session. With these pre-session rituals, they are preparing their body for the healing energy.

Similar to their pre-session rituals, their session should take place in an undisturbed environment. The experiences felt during Distance Reiki vary depending on your receiver’s sensitivity to energy. Whilst some may feel waves of energy through warmth and tingling sensations, some may experience a sense of deep relaxation, peace and clarity. Tapping into your receiver’s energy field, work in synergy with their intentions and the unwanted negativity surrounding them.

When sending Distance Reiki, we must remind ourselves that our intention cannot be to change the behaviour of an individual but rather to make enlightened and positive choices through embracing the energy we send their way.

So, does Distance Reiki mean that we can send Reiki to anyone we like? Well, yes, we can but it’s important to seek permission by the recipient. When performing Distance Reiki to someone in a coma or experiencing illness, we’re often guided by our intuition to decipher if our Reiki is welcomed. We may ask that if the Reiki is not received by the individual, may it enrich someone that needs it most.

When deciding to learn Distance Reiki, it’s important to choose a training facilitator that embraces all forms of Reiki practice. Taught by celebrated Reiki Masters, first-level Reiki training is provided by Reiki Australia throughout the year. This level of education allows you to facilitate Reiki on family, friends, animals and yourself with further training available to enhance your journey as a Reiki practitioner.

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