Hello and a warm welcome to 2021 – much awaited by many.

Despite the current COVID outbreaks, I am sure we are all very, very grateful to live in Australia. With each passing day we grow closer to “COVID normal” and are seeing improved surveillance, information and prevention strategies.

My feeling is that our precious Reiki is needed so much all across the world. My experience in these opening days of this shiny brand new year is that people are looking, seeking and prioritising their own health and wellbeing more than ever.

With this, I am also seeing many people who have never had Reiki before wanting to “give it a go”- and delighted with their experiences. The mental health impacts of this pandemic continue unabated. For those of us who carry Reiki, we are indeed truly blessed. For those who have not yet been initiated into Reiki, may they all be blessed with kind Reiki souls close by who are willing and able to share the gift of Reiki with them.

The Board, volunteers and staff of Reiki Australia will continue in 2021 to review our organisation with the intention of continuous improvement to the best of our abilities. We do this in committed and heartfelt service to our membership and the community.

Together we grow stronger and our reach extends further every year. Reiki Australia members will have recently received an email following on from the work we did at the end of last year around distant initiation and online training. The link for that information is also in this issue of InTouch.

As the need for Reiki grows so will our membership, with that will come the need for more wonderful volunteers. Please consider if you are able to spare some time, as little as a few hours a week will make a big difference, and there a role for everyone.

My personal wish for all of humanity this year, and beyond, is peace. My personal belief is Reiki can make that happen.

With much love and Reiki blessings to you all

Louise Riley
January 2021
Chair, Board of Directors / Executive Director