COVID-19 Update
We hope you’re OK!

In this challenging time the Reiki community is in a wonderful position to be of enormous benefit. As we know, we can give Reiki to ourselves, to our loved ones and humanity, perhaps now more than ever Reiki is needed.

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Firstly a quick reminder: Please regularly refer and adhere to the Federal and State Government restrictions that apply to you.

National – Department of Health website


What does this mean for Reiki professionals?

We do not fit into either of the categories that are permitted to continue seeing clients (i.e. AHPRA registered or Allied Health Practitioners), so hands-on, or in-person Reiki treatments are not permitted during Stage 3 Restrictions. If you have received Reiki training to Second degree/Level 2 or Okuden you can consider offering distant Reiki treatments.

How is Reiki Australia supporting you during this time?

  • Reiki Australia Healing hour Facebook page, for information, to register and get the updates for additional hours that will be added throughout each month –  CLICK HERE
  • Distant Reiki CLICK HERE
  • Online Professional Development Units including Unit 6, Infection Control (now with Appendix on Coronavirus). The requirement for completion of Unit 1 prior to taking any other units has been waived. You may now complete Unit 6 without having completed Unit 1.

For more information on the PD Units, CLICK HERE and Facebook CLICK HERE

Reiki Australia Facebook has regular posts to inspire you, connect with you, support you as we all walk through this together. Take good care of yourself. These are difficult and challenging times for all of us; if you are feeling isolated, overwhelmed or not coping, reach out to your loved ones, your Reiki community and to available support services.

What we are seeing are some wonderful ways to connect with others (online Yoga, meditation, Reiki healing groups), different ways of being, and discovering both strengths and vulnerabilities we may not have seen in ourselves before.

We are so very blessed to have Reiki, maybe now is the perfect time to deepen your connection with this beautiful gift we all carry.

With love and Reiki blessings to you.

Your Team at Reiki Australia