Accreditation and Training
Reiki Australia offers all members professional accreditation, personal and professional development and community enrichment activities through our programs.

Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner (ARTP)

This membership category recognises a professional member of Reiki Australia (Practitioner or Reiki Teacher or Combined and Master level) for adhering to a higher standard of practice.

Clinic Certification

Having a Reiki Australia-Certified Clinic is a benefit available only to Reiki Australia members in the ARTP (Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner) category,

Professional Development for Reiki Treatment

Reiki Australia has announced the introduction of a non-accredited certificate course in professional development for Reiki treatment practitioners. The course addresses knowledge and professional responsibilities that are important for all health care workers, and supports the National Code of Conduct for health care workers, which is a legal requirement for health practitioners in most Australian states. You can read more about the training HERE. Or watch a short video.

Reiki Training for New Practitioners

Making the decision to train in Reiki is an exciting one and we, at Reiki Australia, are here to support you in that process.