Certified Clinics

Having a Reiki Australia-Certified Clinic is a benefit available only to Reiki Australia members in the ARTP (Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner) category. This category, and the criteria for RA-Certified Clinics, are part of realising Reiki Australia’s vision to raise the profile and acceptance of Reiki treatment, and the professionalism of practitioners.

To become a Reiki Australia-Certified Reiki Clinic your clinic must comply with best practice standards outlined below.

  • The clinic manager must be a financial member of Reiki Australia’s Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner (ARTP) membership category
  • Clinics may be home-based or public-access clinics
  • Managers must have current First Aid training, professional indemnity insurance, and public liability insurance coverage appropriate for their clinic


  • safe access
  • available waiting area (may be a sheltered verandah)
  • disabled access desirable (not required)

Treatment room

  • well-kept appearance 
  • clean
  • well ventilated
  • private

Health and safety

  • room free from trip/slip hazards
  • dedicated treatment space
  • noise levels within limits conducive to treatment
  • treatment table/s and suitable chair/s available for varied treatment positions
  • all table coverings clean (first use for all clients)
  • tissues and anti-bacterial gel available
  • toilet facilities available
  • no double adaptors; all power boards and power cords checked to be intact and fitting firmly

  • Clinics must comply with privacy legislation and store client records in a locked cabinet
  • Reiki Australia’s Code of Conduct for Professional Reiki Treatment Practitioners 2015, and Reiki Australia’s complaints handling mechanism must be displayed in the clinic 
  • Reiki Australia’s certification of workplaces that meet best practice standards is a further step in the realisation of our vision to raise the profile and acceptance of Reiki treatment, and the professionalism of practitioners. 

Clinics will be assessed through clinic manager declaration, photographs of clinic facilities, and telephone/Skype discussion if required. There is a one-off administration fee of $40 to have your clinic assessed as a Reiki Australia-Certified Clinic.

  • Establish your reputation as a best practice clinic:
  • Reiki Australia-Certified Clinics are provided with an annual certificate, which can be displayed in the clinic;
  • On your own personal website, you can advertise as a Reiki Australia-Certified Clinic, using Reiki Australia’s logo (within specified guidelines) linked to Reiki Australia’s website;
  • RA-Certified Clinics are identified on the clinic manager’s profile on Reiki Australia’s website, along with an explanation of the standards represented by this title.
  • RA-Certified clinics have a competitive edge over other clinics in your area.
If you believe that your clinic could comply with the requirements for a Reiki Australia-Certified Clinic, please request an assessment on the link below.