Our Board

Natasha Collins
Director, Chair

The Junction, Newcastle NSW

What do you bring to Reiki Australia?
Leadership and drive to get things done! I have a vision for seeing RA grow and be the best reiki membership organisation in Australia.
And helping to find the best people for the organisation and creating a balanced structure to move the organisation forward.

Why did you get involved with Reiki Australia?
I want to see Reiki seen as a serious healing modality in the community and see reiki sit in the professional world. Networking with the Board, Exec Team and Members have helped strengthen and expand my personal Reiki. It’s a great group to be involved in.

Who is the real Natasha?
I have a passion for Beauty, enhancing people’s lives both inside and out, and I might give too many hugs! When I’m not running my Beauty and Reiki Business, you MAY find me watching an episode of Young & The Restless 😉

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Contact: natasha@reikiaustralia.com.au

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Greg Collins
Finance Director

The Junction, Newcastle NSW

What do you bring to Reiki Australia?
I have a long history in successfully running and growing businesses. I also enjoy and practice Reiki regularly and am excited to see Reiki Australia Growing

Why did you get involved with Reiki Australia?
I received a gentle nudge from a fellow board member and recognised an excellent opportunity to help.

Who is the real Greg?
I am the Drum Doktor! I am an avid percussionist and marathon runner. I also love spending time with my family

Member Greg
Alan White

Sandringham, Victoria

What do you bring to Reiki Australia?
I have connections across public, private and ex-service organisations which allow me to promote the benefits of Reiki and of learning Reiki for yourself. I work alongside the project team to promote the use of Reiki in hospitals, retirement homes, aged care facilities and nursing homes, as well as with current and ex-service personnel and their families.

Why did you get involved with Reiki Australia?
I joined to further its objectives: being the promotion of Reiki Australia as a professional body fully supporting Reiki practitioners and focusing on the use of Reiki in the wider community. Of encouraging members to become involved in taking Reiki into their communities, and encouraging practitioners to use Reiki regularly on themselves to demonstrate how good one can look and feel with Reiki.

Who is the real Alan?
I have an enthusiasm for colour in my clothes, so I have 30 genuine Hawaiian shirts - plenty of colour - and a few Mambo shirts as well. I am also an avid military plane enthusiast, being an ex-Air Force Vietnam Vet, I haven’t lost the excitement in seeing, hearing and watching aircraft of all types.


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Amy Squires

Neutral Bay, NSW

What do you bring to Reiki Australia?
I grew up with Reiki as the key to keeping our family happy and healthy. Having a background in Paramedicine I have a passion for helping others and while I still take interest in emergency services I have moved my focus to raising awareness of Reiki, its benefits and how others can get involved.

Who is the real Amy?
I moved to Australia to put an end to a lengthy long-distance relationship (we eloped and kept it a secret for 1 year!)
I have a gorgeous pooch and am on a mission to end breed stereotypes 🙂

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Wendy Watson
Retired Board Member/Founder/Reiki Mentor

Wendy was one of the founding members of Reiki Australia and is an elder in the Australian Reiki community. She was first been initiated into Reiki in 1985 before becoming a Master in 1995.

Wendy has now retired from her Board role with Reiki Australia but we owe her a debt of gratitude for her significant contribution to our membership organisation over the years. We are also extremely grateful for her contribution to raising the benchmark of Reiki treatment practice as a healing modality throughout Australia.

Vanessa Kum Jew
Director, Project Manager

 Silverdale, NSW

What do you bring to Reiki Australia?
My role is to oversee the research, project development, Reiki practice, marketing, web development and IT teams while having a hand in the research and Reiki practice areas. I bring a fresh perspective, new ideas and creative flow to Reiki Australia.

Why did you get involved with Reiki Australia?
I want to help bring Reiki and people together, build community, as well as to educate on the ethical practice of Reiki. I am grateful to be part of such a wonderful and warm team.

Who is the real Vanessa?
I have a dry sense of humour and love to potter around in the garden.