Unit 1: Code of Ethics & Code of Conduct: Professional Development for Reiki Treatment

Reiki Australia Code of Conduct

Professional Development for Reiki Treatment
Unit One: Code of Ethics & Code of Conduct

  • Gain a better understanding of the difference between Reiki personal practice and professional Reiki treatment practice.
  • Be informed about the National Code of Conduct for Health Care Workers and how it relates to your professional practice
  • Understand the importance and application of codes of ethics and codes of conduct, in professional Reiki treatment
Single Unit – Professional Development for Reiki Treatment
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Code of Conduct Module for Healthcare Workers

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What is Reiki?

What is Reiki? Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle, yet powerful method of healingFind a Reiki practitioner near you Reiki energy (often described as “universal life energy” or “spiritual energy”) is accessed by the practitioner during a treatment. It enhances the body’s natural healing ability and promotes wellbeing. Reiki treatment stands on its own as a […]

Where Community Meets Connection – Reiki Australia Membership

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Thinking about becoming a Reiki Australia member? We’d love to have you as part of our community! Reiki Australia is Australia’s leading Reiki network for professional and personal Reiki practitioners. Forward thinking, not-for-profit and Australia-wide Reiki Australia welcomes and honours Reiki practices of all kinds that originate from the teachings of Mikao Usui. Yes! We […]

Professional Development for Reiki Treatment Practitioners (PDT)

Take your Reiki Practice to the next level!If you are a Reiki Practitioner wishing to extend your practice, Reiki Australia has developed a course for people like you: Professional Development for Reiki Treatment.Course Modules Here at Reiki Australia, we recognise how important it is to support you with a best practice framework – including an […]

About Us

About Us Welcome to Reiki Australia. We are the leading voice in the industry committed to raising the profile of Reiki as a spiritual practice and healing art. We are also actively working to raise the benchmark of Reiki treatment practice nationwide. As a forward-looking, national not-for-profit, membership association, we’re proud to welcome and honour […]

What Happens During a Reiki Session?

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on email Share on pinterest Share on print Awaken your Heart, Mind and Body – Experience the Healing Art of Reiki Are you ill, in pain, or in distress and seeking help to cope with your situation? Are you feeling low or anxious? Does everything […]

Reiki Training for New Practitioners

Reiki Training for New PractitionersMaking the decision to train in Reiki is an exciting one and we, at Reiki Australia, are here to support you in that process. If you have received treatments from a practitioner in the past, embarking on Reiki training will enable you to take responsibility for your own spiritual growth, personal […]