Reiki and its Place in the Current World

Our current world is often filled with such turmoil that we ask ourselves what place does Reiki as a spiritual and healing practice have in such a world. A world seemingly full of war and conflict, family dissention, violence, viruses, climate change and the trials and tribulations of everyday living. It seems the busyness of our lives has taken over our striving for kindness, compassion, understanding and patience. Nevertheless, there are those of us that take the time and moments to enlist healing for those around us, and ourselves. We are constantly reminded by mentors to remember to take the time out to heal ourselves, to progress, to motivate ourselves and to let that spread into the world of the people around us. Reiki practitioners and students have the advantage of a depth of understanding perhaps of life on a deeper level, but this depth is useless if you do not practice it and put it to good use. 

Students and Practitioners Information

Reiki students and practitioners both have the ability to take command of the energy in our bodies, and other peoples, to bring about healing. Whether you use this or not is up to you, however, be assured this is very much needed in a world smitten by all of the above. The question is how did you go about your learning and are you aware of the potential of what you have been taught? Learning reiki is not a quick class here and there and in my journey, I have had many students come to me wanting to learn to a next level with huge gaps in the level beforehand. Unfortunately, one of the hazards of any discipline is that there are always people around to take your money who may not be able to deliver what you have intended to buy. This indeed is most unfortunate but easily fixed with the right, traditionally trained teacher who can guide you to the place you want to be.

Reiki students and practitioners taught properly have the ability to use their own energies and that of others on many different levels. We learn in school that everything is made of energy. Energy is equal to mass, multiplied by the speed of light. This means that all matter is really energy made up of atoms and molecules. These are moving at different speeds. These are either solids, liquids or gases. What we see in a solid object is actually the frequency of the oscillation made up of millions of molecules, all moving fast and close together that makes them appear as solid to our eyes and other senses. This frequency however is like tuning in to a radio channel. Our limited, basic, five senses can only perceive a few of these vibrations. Science tells us that there are frequencies infinitely beyond what we can perceive.

What’s holding you back?

Our bodies are made up of energy vibrating at a particular frequency. This is why we are able to manipulate and channel our bio magnetic fields. Similarly, all thought is energy and can create a positive or negative effect based on the intention. What this means is that our emotions, our thinking, in fact everything around us has a vibration of molecules. These vibrations can be a positive or negative. The negative creates dis-ease within our bodies on any level and this is what we can heal.

The important thing is to use our skills. Reiki students already have the ‘plug in’ to use their reiki at Level 1 for self-healing and to practice on plants, animals and even their friends. The level of Reiki II enables you to work more easily with other people and even to do distant reiki for your friends or even clients across the world. So why in a world of so much trouble are you perhaps holding back?

Is it that you lack confidence? Relax, you can’t do it wrong because your intention is for healing, and if you have been taught by a genuine master, then you will know the steps to put in place. My question is, from all the people that have studied reiki why are the numbers of reiki organisations so low? And why is there not more healing in such a distraught world?

Reiki Practitioners

Reiki practitioners should have gone through the proper attunements with a Reiki Master. It is also a good idea for them to practice meditation and self-Reiki regularly. I practice on a daily basis, morning and night and actually it’s very easy. After a while it just becomes a habit like other habits. This frequent practice increases the strength, intuitive knowledge and confidence of the ability to use reiki, making it part of their natural living habits. In time you will find your intuition opens you up to a depth of guidance, not only for yourself, but to guide others in a helpful, healing manner. The energy flow constantly through your channels increases and tends to keep you connected more mindfully to a higher purpose. In turn your frequencies and conscious awareness of them increases. On the whole you become a more positive person engaging in a practice of cleansing and healing. Remember, the reiki energy is there whenever you need it.

Even scientific studies are fast recognising energetic healing, including reiki, as a viable form of healing in conjunction with other mainstream treatments. The beauty of it is that no matter what your beliefs, the reiki still works. So, from a religious point of view, you may say it is healing from God, spiritually a healing from spirit and it is adaptable on every level. The reiki precepts are also a guide for a moral and ethical lifestyle relieving stress and assisting you to communicate better and live in a kinder world.

Why Belong to Reiki Australia?

Reiki can help you heal on many levels – energetically, spiritual, mentally, emotionally and physically. Reiki can gently help you to release the negative intentions and ‘baggage’ you are holding and ease into that place of positive vibrational energy which will make you stronger, build up your resilience and immunity. Step by step your body will drop layer after layer of negativity, and you will become stronger on all levels. This is where the importance of Reiki Australia comes into play. Where do people go when they are ill and defeated and don’t know where to turn? This is the importance of a registered physical organisation to tell the world where people can get help. So, membership of such an organisation is twofold. Firstly, for yourself as a discipline and to remind you better of who you are and your capabilities. Also, as a source for the general public to go to for solace in a world smitten with hardships. So perhaps it’s time to roll up our sleeves, do some self-healing and take that out to the world around us. Just as the ripple of a pebble in a pond soon fills the whole surrounding area with ripples in the water. You are the pebble in the pond. Take your healing to the world. Don’t hide your hands, the world needs them.

About the Author

Jenetta Haim is a Reiki Master/practitioner, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Stress Management Specialist, Meditation & Mindfulness trainer, International Author, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Theta Healer, Aromatherapist, Crystal and Feng Shui practitioner and works with herbal remedies and aromatherapy.

Jenetta runs her Reiki Australia Certified Clinic in Greystan and can be contacted at: http://www.stressfreemanagement.com.au