Reiki Australia In Touch with Hospitals

Did you know that Reiki Australia is proud to announce that one of our very own Reiki Australia ARTP members and newest board member Lainey Bowler is providing Reiki treatments in a medical setting?


As of September 2023, the Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Care (BRICC Wellness Centre) at Grampians Health Ballarat, has recommenced offering Reiki Treatments to its patients on Thursday afternoons each week.

Recent research studies into the effectiveness of Reiki treatments as part of medical care plans, is showing that Reiki treatments can have an important part in improving patient outcomes, particularly for oncology patients; improving quality of life for those with life-limiting illness, reduction of pain, reduction of side effects of chemotherapy & or radiation, reduction of stress and anxiety, and supporting Spiritual and Pastoral Care.


Lainey Said “A few months ago, I ran into a friend at the supermarket who mentioned that there was a vacancy at the local hospital Oncology Wellness Centre for a volunteer Reiki Practitioner, so I applied. I was invited for an interview, demonstrated a short Reiki session for the manager while we chatted, and I was hired on the spot! Thank you Reiki.


My first shift included an induction of the wellness clinic, the various rooms for various events, meeting some of the other volunteers and staff, and explanations of all the other services, therapies, and support programs running at the centre. I also was introduced to some of the patients and clients in the Cuppa & Chat social room. One client experienced Reiki for the first time and was pleasantly surprised how calm he felt and said “the Reiki treatment felt like a warm & fuzzy massage for his soul”. Another client told me that she found the session incredibly nurturing and soothing, felt calmer, and her headache and upset tummy had subsided considerably. The majority of clients that I have met so far, have chosen to seek additional holistic support such as Reiki treatments to help reduce the stress and anxiety, and other symptoms associated with coping with their medical treatment plans. Each BRICC Wellness centre client has also commented to me that after receiving their Reiki treatment, they feel much calmer and relaxed, and look forward to their next Reiki appointment. The gentle nurturing Reiki energy they receive from a single Reiki treatment session has a tremendous positive effect on their physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual well-being.”


Each Reiki treatment session is approximately 45 minutes of Reiki treatment per client, to allow for cleaning between clients, infection control procedures and practising spiritual hygiene. Sessions are at hourly intervals allowing time for clients to fill out an Intake & consent form, and time for discussion. (Forms in the Reiki Australia members toolbox)


With the help of our Reiki Australia members, Lainey believes that we could contribute to assisting others on their wellness journey, and possibly implement a ‘Reiki Australia in Touch with Hospitals program’ specifically for Hospital outpatients & Nursing Staff, where Reiki Australia Members can Volunteer to send Distance Reiki for recipients that register to be part of a Healing Hour Event  So stay tuned while we plan and organise, and work out the details for this future event.


Shine Bright Be-You-tiful Souls, 

Reiki Blessing Lainey.


About the Author

Elaine Rory Bowler (Lainey) is an Accredited ARTP Reiki Practitioner, and one of our newest Reiki Australia Board Members. Lainey hales from Ballarat in Victoria, and she is passionate about Reiki being accepted into Hospitals where we can help so many people in need. Contact Lainey on her Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/ElaineBowlerReiki