Interview with Member, Dave Cochrane

Interview with Reiki Australia Member, Reiki Master, Dave.

Dave Cochrane is an 83-year-old Reiki Master with a difference! He is an inspiration to his students and his community. Dave has touched many lives during the journey of his lifetime thus far.

Dave lives in Adelaide and was once a removalist with a very busy business. He did a lot of work with transporting major art works for Art Galleries and became trusted with priceless artifacts at time as he gained the respect of those running the Galleries, and then became close friends with many famous artists. This work allowed him to develop a love of beauty, and soon he found himself caring about the things he was carrying. Dave developed a love of Art. He did bits of work repairing panels for churches, then began his carving with natural wood, bringing out what was already withing each piece of timber and turning it into something of interest and significance.

Dave had been a smoker for many years, but developed angina, so had to give up smoking and his Removalist business. Next, he began working with Ken Deer in his shop and began a 30-year friendship. He had many high-profile friends at the time who all spoke highly of him.

Dave is a Psychic, found Reiki and became a Reiki Practitioner and a Master in 2000. He then combined this with his psychic abilities, giving Reiki and Readings together, as when he was doing a treatment on someone, he would see visions and instantly “know” things about his clients.

In 2009, Dave carved a beautiful carving of the head of Mikao Usui as he felt called to do this work. He says it was a part of his journey. He has since done others, such as Hawaya Takata which he carved in 2010. He has so many beautiful carvings of animals, Egyptian symbols of antiquity and symbolic representations for healing, that just looking at can evoke a shift in your vibration. He also cuts some of his own crystals, which he shares with others.

Bust of Mikao Usui by Dave Cochrane

Dave Cochrane is a man of many talents and an Elder and bearer of wisdom. He has a very colourful and lively energy for a man of his age, and even in just a few phone calls, it can feel as though you’ve known him for a lifetime. Now that he has retired, he spends his time doing what he loves: Reiki, Psychic Readings, Reflexology, Massage and Carving.

We are very grateful to Dave, for donating the carving of Mikao Usui, the Founder of Reiki, to Reiki Australia to spread the vibration of Reiki. Therefore, he has consented to us being able to of his carving as a prize for our Raffle or, as a reward for those who join Reiki Australia this month, as they will then go in the draw to receive this beautiful prize.

Thank you, Dave,

Namaste dear friend xo

Article by Carol Macrae – Director, Reiki Australia

 Dave working in the background
Dave and his work

Bust of Reiki Master and Teacher, Hawayo Takata[/caption