The Power of Intuition: Integrating Psychic Development into Your Reiki Practice

Many practitioners of Reiki report experiencing heightened intuitive and psychic abilities after receiving Reiki attunements. This could be attributed to the fact that Reiki attunements are believed to open up and enhance the flow of energy through the body’s energy centres, or chakras, particularly the third eye and crown chakra. These are closely associated with intuition and spiritual insight.


The relationship between Reiki and psychic abilities can be likened to a symbiotic connection – that is, there exists a mutually beneficial relationship between the two. Reiki practitioners often find that as they become more attuned to energy and their own intuition through regular practice, their psychic senses also become more refined. Likewise, those with innate psychic abilities might find that practising Reiki enhances their ability to connect with and understand the subtle energies around them.


After learning Reiki and being attuned, it undoubtedly increases and heightens your psychic ability. It can be so incredibly powerful, that for many of us, we can be completely unprepared for the psychic boost. This can take shape and form in diverse ways. For example, you might see auras if you didn’t have the ability before, and in turn become highly sensitive to energy. This new sensitivity will allow you to receive information about the client when giving Reiki. It can also open you up psychically when you receive Reiki yourself. There are five ways you can boost your psychic ability with Reiki. Three require attuning to it (levels 1, 2 and Master), while the fourth only requires receiving Reiki during a session. The last requires you to practise giving it. The more you practise, the stronger your psychic abilities increase. Therefore, suffice to say, it is very important that you keep practising, practising, practising!


In essence, when you receive Reiki attunements, regardless of what level, it is more certain than not, that you’ll feel a shift in your energy. For some, it takes more time, but eventually, you’ll open up and become more sensitive to energy and more psychically aware. This may come after an adjustment period.


As a Reiki practitioner you are the conduit or the vessel for channelling healing energy. With this may come the opportunity and the privilege to being more susceptible to receiving messages and guidance from Spirit. As such, it is safe to say that Reiki practitioners can be regarded as a ‘type’ of medium. A medium in the sense that you will be the middle person between your client and Spirit. In other words, you are the vessel, the conduit, the channeler, not only for universal life force energy, but also for the messages that will come through for your client.  These messages will come through in the form of images through the mind’s eye. You might hear messages through single words or phrases. You might just have a strong sense of knowing something, without knowing how you know. Or, you will have a strong feeling about something. In addition, your smells will also be heightened, which in turn will lead your client either back to past experiences and memories or to something relevant and significant in the now. So much will be developed and heightened, such as your clairs, that you will not know what to do with it. If this is the case, ask your healing guides and healing angels to assist you in making sense of what you are receiving. In turn, ask them to help open your heart – the bridge between the upper and lower chakras, in order to be a clear channel for receiving messages and guidance, that is specific to your client’s needs and specific to their understanding.


This brings me to my next point. When we start to give Reiki for the highest good of all, we begin to discover that healing guides and healing angels begin to work with us. Not to mention, the client’s loved ones in Spirit who will join us to assist with the healing. As well as our ancestors who relish with the idea that we are assisting to be a vessel for healing energy. Trust your intuition! I guarantee, when you begin to trust and your client can validate the messages that come through, your confidence will grow, and you will less likely question what you receive. A tip: I would just ‘put out there’ what you receive and ask your client if they resonate with it. Most likely they will and if they don’t, release it, let it go! More often than not, clients come back many months later, and to your surprise, will validate the messages they received because they were finally able to make sense of it sometime later. Be confident in knowing that if the words, phrases, or images you received came to you out of nowhere, then trust it was your intuition and know that your psychic abilities are developing. Most clients will be open to receiving the information, however, as always seek permission first.


It’s important to note that the intersection of Reiki and psychic abilities is a deeply personal journey. Some individuals might find that their psychic senses naturally become more pronounced as they progress along their Reiki path, while others might not experience such changes. As with any spiritual practice, the key is to remain open, receptive, and patient.

For those who are interested in both Reiki and psychic development, it’s advisable to approach these practices with a sense of mindfulness and respect. It’s a good idea to study and understand the different clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairalience), and how they might manifest for you. Additionally, combining meditation, energy work, and specific exercises can further support the growth of your psychic abilities alongside your Reiki practice.


In the end, both Reiki and psychic abilities can be viewed as different facets of the same spiritual journey. They complement each other beautifully, offering a holistic approach to understanding and working with the energies that surround us. Remember, the heart chakra plays a vital role in this journey too – it’s the centre of love, compassion, and balance, helping you navigate these profound experiences with grace. So, embrace your curiosity and explore the depths of both Reiki and psychic phenomena on your spiritual pilgrimage!


“The chakras are not only vortexes of energy, they are also centers for psychic reception.”
― Catherine Carrigan, What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness


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About the Author

Olga Duque – Accredited ARTP Reiki Practitioner & Master/Teacher of Usui Lineage.

Sublime Awakening – Belmont, Brisbane.

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