A New Health Regulator for Victoria

A New Health Regulator for Victoria On February 1st 2017 Victorian health practitioners, including Reiki practitioners, became the most recent subjects of the National Code of Conduct for Non-Registered Health Practitioners. Victoria has formally implemented the Health Complaints Act and has appointed a Health Complaint Commissioner, Ms Karen Cusack. The National Code is already implemented […]

Reiki Australia launches a professional development course to support Reiki treatment practice

Accredited Reiki Practitioners Reiki Australia

Annabel Muis wrote this on 16th March 2018 Reiki Australia has announced the introduction of a non-accredited certificate course in professional development for Reiki treatment practitioners. The course addresses knowledge and professional responsibilities that are important for all healthcare workers and supports the National Code of Conduct for health care workers, which is a legal […]

Reiki Precepts and the New National Code of Conduct

The Nationals Code of Conduct for Healthcare Workers applies to health workers in NSW, Queensland and South Australia. Other states and territories will follow as the Code is rolled out nationally. Be kind to others. Show gratitude The Reiki Precepts don’t usually spring to mind when we think about regulation, but conducting your professional practice, […]