Professional Development for Healthcare Workers Unit 3: Teamwork; Managing Conflict


Unit 3 Teamwork; Managing Conflict – Contribute to effective teamwork


Professional Development for Healthcare Workers, Unit 3: Teamwork; Managing Conflict

The knowledge and skills gained through this course will help practitioners to address the required essential knowledge and skills and will help to ensure that practitioners gain a clear understanding and appreciation of the ‘Codes’. It provides practical guidance on how to comply with the National Code of Conduct for Healthcare Workers.

This course is open to trainers, and all practitioners who wish to provide health and wellness services.

Professional Development for Healthcare Workers is owned and delivered by Reiki Australia and is not a nationally accredited course.

Units are all designed for home study. Each unit will require a minimum of around 12 hours over up to two months, in study and the completion of exercises and assignments.

A statement of attainment will be provided after completing each unit, and a Certificate in Professional Development for Healthcare Workers awarded on completion of all six units. A bonus unit, Promoting your Healthcare Business, is included at no cost, after completion of all six course units.

To obtain more information, or to apply for Professional Development for Healthcare Workers, please contact Reiki Australia’s Administration Officer by email at


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