“Business is going well for me, 4 new clients in the last month through the website so thanks for being here for me, I really appreciate it and I am very proud to be a Reiki Australia member”

Sue Lyons

Reiki Australia membership is simple:

  1. Decide which membership category you wish to join:

    Membership Categories

  2. Download and print the appropriate application form:
  3. Read our Code of Ethics (all applicants) as well as our Code of Professional Conduct if you plan to join in Reiki Practitioner category. Your signature on the application form confirms your agreement to abide by the relevant Codes.
  4. Complete your application form and return to the membership officer together with your non refundable, administrative fee of $40. Please refer to the document "Categories and Fees" for membership prices. Please note that you will need to include copies of your Reiki certificates with your application. For our professional categories these certificates need to be JP certified.

You will receive an invoice for the cost of your category of membership. Pro rata fees apply. If you apply for Reiki Practitioner or Reiki Master/Teacher category you will need insurance cover, so information on Insurance Brokers will be enclosed for your convenience.

Important note for Reiki Master/Teacher and Reiki Practitioner applicants:

You will be notified of your membership number after we receive payment on your invoice so that you can apply for insurance cover. Once you receive your insurance policy, please post or fax to us a copy of the Certificate of Currency so we can finalise and fully activate your membership.

Important note for all applicants:

You need to complete the application process within 2 months. If you take longer than that, your application will be closed and you would need to begin the process again.

Why are there so many questions in my application form?

Today, many forms of healing are practised throughout Australia, including a number of different branches or forms of Reiki. The usual way Reiki associations have identified genuine Reiki is through the applicant producing a verifiable, traceable lineage of initiation. This method has now become inadequate on its own: The evolution and dynamic spread of Reiki since the early 1980s has seen many students lose touch with their initiating masters, and lineages have often not been documented.

Reiki Australia has a responsibility to ensure that applicants, particularly for professional membership categories offering services to the public (masters and treatment practitioners), practise a form of Reiki and not another style of healing. Obtaining comprehensive information about applicants' Reiki training and treatment practice assists Reiki Australia, in a compassionate way, to determine membership eligibility even when an applicant is not able to provide all of the requested documentation.

We invite you to join this progressive Reiki association and enjoy the warmth of community connection and the growing range of member benefits.

Call 1300 66 47 80
If you have any questions.

Post applications to
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